Why We Are Here

There are a lot of places to buy clothes. I know that. I am a shopper. When people ask me what my hobbies are ...the answer is shopping. I like to buy, but I love to shop. To look and see what's available. To try on, weigh my options, decide what I love the most. 

After my second child was born, I spent a good amount of time shopping online and at the mall. It was summer, and I was in the house holding a sleeping baby and shopping online or in the mall after doctor's appointments trying to keep the baby cool and my toddler entertained. There were a lot of great clothes (and shoes!), but I had trouble finding clothes that fit my style and budget, especially locally. I decided to open a boutique myself and bring the clothes that I love here at a price that is reasonable.

I have wanted to own a clothing boutique for several years. I love to shop, I love to help others shop. I have an entrepreneurial spirit and an education in business. It's a perfect business for me. But, I have a toddler and a newborn. Why in the world would I want to open a boutique now?

I literally could not stop dreaming about opening a boutique, so we decided to do it. On our own terms, by offering online shopping 24/7 and boutique shopping every Friday. This schedule allows me to be here for my family, while providing you with fantastic fashion and online customer service anytime you want it online, and a fun place to come shop if you are local to Revive every Friday (and we have plans for Saturday events and a once a month girls night!)!

Stay tuned for more of the story of how we came about!


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